Who produces, composes and publishes The Groove Gallery music tracks?

TGG is the producer, composer and publisher of all tracks. We own all the rights to the music. As TGG is not a member of any copyright society, no third party licences are required.

Can I have the music sent to me on CD?

All music is encoded, so it can't be played via CD. The management software provided allows you to audition tracks on your computer before transferring them to a USB stick for replay via the supplied Digital Decoder.

Why do I have to pay performance fees on mainstream music?

Performers, composers and publishers have a right to charge a fee if their music is aired in public. Organisations like OneMusic, COMPASS, RIPS, BMI and ASCAP collect fees from businesses like yours and distribute them to their members. Failure to pay these licence fees can result in huge fines.

Why don't I have to pay performance fees on TGG music?

TGG is the producer, composer and publisher of all tracks. We own all rights to the music. As TGG is not a member of any copyright society, no third party licences are required.

Can I have different music for different times of day?

Yes. You can customise a morning, afternoon and evening playlist on the TGG software. You would then download the morning playlist to USB stick 1, afternoon to stick 2 and evening to stick 3 (each unit comes with 1 free stick). To change playlists, simply insert a different USB stick when you want the mood to change in your premises.

Do I have to pay double if I want different music playing in 2 different areas of my premises?

No, but you will need an additional Digital Decoder for the second area. This is charged at just $9.90/week. Your licence for the TGG software allows you to produce multiple playlists and download them to different USB sticks before putting one stick in each unit.

I have 4 stores and require a system in each, do I have to pay 4 times the price?

As we're licencing audio in 4 different premises you will need 4 Master packages. If you choose the Unlimited as your Master package, the second, third and fourth sites receive a 15% discount on the master package price. If you have more than 4 sites, the discount is 20% off the Master package rate. You will receive multiple licences for the TGG software so each site would be able to produce their own playlists and download them to USB. There is no discount on the Capped package.

Who writes the music?

Every track is composed and produced in-house at The Groove Gallery's studios in Perth, Australia. If you'd like us to focus on a specific style of music, by all means let us know and we'll do our best to accommodate your request.

Who owns The Groove Gallery?

TGG is a subsidiary of Messages On Hold Australia Pty Ltd. Messages On Hold produces the promotional audio messages you hear when placed on hold at more than 12,000 businesses in 18 countries. They are the largest telephone audio production company in the world and have been at the forefront of that industry since 1988.

How does the unit replay the audio?

Encoded music tracks are downloaded from the TGG software to the USB stick. The stick is inserted into the unit and immediately the unit starts playing the tracks in the order you've selected until the playlist has reached the end, at which time it loops to the start. If you want to shuffle the playlist, this is done with the touch of a button using the TGG software. The new "shuffled" playlist is then loaded on to the stick.

How do I pay?

We invoice quarterly in advance using PayPal. Australian customers without PayPal can contact us directly via phone or email and we'll send you a direct debit form for quarterly payments. Otherwise annual invoices can be raised. Once again, contact us direct for annual invoicing on +61 (0)8 9260 4410 or via email.

For clients outside Australia, when you finalise the agreement and payment, please see "Any inbound equipment duties/taxes will be your responsibility."

For payment, you should see "For direct debit payments in Australia or (overseas?), please contact us directly."

Why don't the tracks feature vocals?

Quite simply, vocals interfere with the flow of conversation. Instead of distracting customers, TGG music is designed to comfort them and encourage them to stay longer.

Why doesn't the library include any modern hits?

1) Playing a Beyonce hit in your premises means securing multiple music licences at great cost. Even if you play a cover version of the Beyonce hit, you'll have to secure at least one licence at considerable cost.

2) You'll often upset more customers than you'll please with so called "popular" music. There's always a percentage of people who hate what's playing and leave immediately. With The Groove Gallery library, the music is non-offensive, it sits in the background, registering with your customers' sub conscious mind.